[Lanxess] ADDITIN® RC 7115


– hydraulic fluids
– turbine- and compressor oils
– gear oils
– greases
– jet turbine oils (synthetic ester)

Additin RC 7130 is an extremely effective aminic antioxidant with a broad field of application. The extraordinary oxidation inhibiting properties of Additin RC 7130 at low treat rates may be visualised e.g. by the rotating bomb test ASTM-D 2272 in comparison to other primary antioxidants. High purity and very low filter residue are attributed to a superior quality of Additin RC 7130.a

On exposure to light, lubricants containing Additin RC 7130 can undergo discolouration. However, this does not impair the antioxidant effect.

Additin RC 7130 is registered at NSF as an ingredient in lubricants with
incidental food contact (HX-1) for use in and around food processing areas. Additin RC 7130 is in compliance with § 178.3570 according to U.S. Food and Drug administration regulations (lubricants with incidental food contact).

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