[Lanxess] ADDITIN® RC 2540


– water miscible metalworking fluids
– neat metalworking fluids

The use of Additin RC 2540 is a good alternative to the sulphurization of base oils with elementary sulphur.
In addition, Additin RC 2540 shows with increasing temperatures a steadily increasing active sulphur level (up to max. 38 %) resulting in an effective EP activity at only slightly elevated temperatures (50 to 60 °C).
Additin RC 2540 can be successfully combined with other sulphur carriers such as Additin RC 2415 in order to increase EP activity.

The antiwear effect is improved by combination of Additin RC 2540 with zinc dithiophosphates, e.g. Additin RC 3038, phosphoric acid partial esters or ashless phosphorus-sulphur additives e.g. RC 3880

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