[Sasol] ISOCARB® 12


Sasol Chemicals ISOCARB acids are primary, saturated carboxylic acids with defined branching of the
carbon chain. These products are derived from the oxidation of Guerbet alcohols and are available with
even numbered carbon chain lengths of 12 to 32.

ISOCARB acids and their derivatives are used as raw materials and intermediates in many specialized
– Esters
– Betaines
– Ethoxylates
– Amides
Metalworking and lubrication:
– ISOCARB acids can be used as a corrosion inhibitor when formulating lubricating oils and greases in
industrial and automotive applications.
– ISOCARB acids can be used, neutralized, as ingredient of soluble and synthetic metal-working fluids
or in water-based degreasers due to their very good anticorrosion properties. Inks, Paints & Coatings, Cosmetic Agents

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